Managed Security Service Provider Services

As part of our Virtual CISO program, we are often asked to put our strategy into practice.
While each of our clients is different, this has necessitated an individualized program where we bring the best the industry has to offer and integrate it with what our clients are already invested in using. So rather than a one-size fits all approach, we tailor the tools that fit your risk, budget and strategy for managing both.

That being said, we act as a conduit for bringing these services to you. As an extension of your staff, we don’t mark them up or require you to use a predetermined solution.
Our team will work with you to make recommendations on what we think fits your unique situation.

That being said, we often get asked about our recommendations. To that point, we have curated a selection of tools that work well for most of our small and medium sized businesses. These are all vendors and products with which whom we have an established relationship and are happy to recommend to you.

However, if you have an existing investment or strong preference, thats okay too. We’re here to get you to where you need to be. The tool is less important than how we wield it together.