Your Virtual CISO

Risk as an Advantage

Cyber Security risk is unavoidable,
but how we mitigate these risks can determine nothing short of achieving our mission, or not.

Enterprise Security
Not Enterprise Prices

Leveraging lessons learned from some of the worlds most progressive organizations at a scale and price that is pragmatic for small business.

Solutions First
Business Focus

Security isn’t about having the right tools,
it is about understanding your business and choosing which services can help create a strategic and predictable business advantage.

Bill is a strategic thinker and analyst. I would highly recommend him to lead or be part of the technical team of any major corporation, where cutting edge technologies and business is crucial for market place differentiation.

Rachael Babcock

CEO, Metsi Technology

When I think about who I’d like to have as a CISO, Bill bubbles quickly to the top of a very short list. He has a very broad, deep and strategic view of the security landscape (complemented by a business perspective to match), but can get down into the weeds and sort through the details quickly if and when necessary (and it frequently is necessary…)

Vik Muiznieks

Director, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Bill has the rare ability to understand the various compliance complexities and translate those into business priorities.
Executives appreciated Bill’s pragmatic approach to problem-solving and his partnership helped me quickly build trust and confidence among our clients/prospects.

Peter Brookman


Bill is a rare breed of Information Security practitioners, who I can actually attest not only understands just Cybersecurity strategy, controls and best practices but equally understands how it applies to business goals, objectives and imperatives.

Renault Ross

Founder, RNSC Technologies